My First Sleepover

What an amazing day it was! Hey there! Did you read my last post titled Summer Hols? If you did, you should have known that we were going to have a sleepover at our favourite teacher Ananya Miss's place. So, we had the amazing sleepover yesterday! Did I tell you it was also the birthday... Continue Reading →

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The 5 Advantages of Being Sick

Being unwell always has its toll on a person. But here are some super duper cool ways to enjoy yourself while you are sick! Hello you-out-there, hope you are doing good. Great! I'd been quite ill since the last week  and I tell you what, I have been enjoying the days very well. Wanna know... Continue Reading →

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Summer Hols!

Aloha everyone! I don't know about y'all but where I live, it's summertime and guess what? School just got closed for the summers! (Oh yeah!) And moreover, we've got no homework! (I repeat, NO HOMEWORK at all!) But, I'm afraid it's not going to be very fun this summer. That's because, soon after school reopens, we're going to... Continue Reading →

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My Home Library

It's been a while since I've written anything on my blog. And....I'M BACK!!! Just so you know, I had been extremely busy with school and studies all this while, and finally I've settled down everything, so I can extract a bit of free time. There was something else I had been doing these two weeks...and that... Continue Reading →

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I'm too excited to write this thing now. My skateboard just got delivered. It's as cool as I thought it would be! It even has free gear with it. I can't wait for Mom to return from office so I can start riding my skateboard. As I said in one of my previous posts (click... Continue Reading →

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First Day of School Year

It's 4th April and it was the first day of the school year. We're moved to the ninth grade. The classroom is not as bright and sunny as it was in the eighth. It's quite dark and boring in here. Still, I hope to enjoy it. I even started a diary for the school year... Continue Reading →

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School is starting!

It's been over a month since we're at home. And now school's going to start again, TOMORROW, April 4th. And that means, meeting all my friends again! And some new classmates, and new teachers, and new books and notebooks and projects. Don't you think it's fun? I've been promoted to the ninth grade this year... Continue Reading →

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I’m Getting A SKATEBOARD!!!

I'm so excited!!! Guess what, I'm getting my first professional skateboard in my life! My parents just ordered it on Amazon and we're getting it this Tuesday. They even got me a brand new set of skating gear which'll reach us this Friday. My new skateboard is a Strauss Bronx FT model, a blue one... Continue Reading →

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Collars-Up! Playing Basketball

Richa's Escapades

Basketball is one of my favourite games. Today is Thursday, and it is one of those really amazing days, because…WE GOT TO PLAY BASKETBALL, at school today. I really like the fact that I’m leading the school team quite often.

My team is called the COLLARS UP! team (yes). That’s a weird name I suppose, but it has got a reason. We’re symbolized, that is, distinguished from other rival teams by our upturned collars during the game, because we all wear the same uniform and it is very difficult for the players to identify their own teammates and their rivals, and for the audience to differentiate between teams.

I am usually at the center or at the point guard, because I usually start the match and I am also the tallest player (actually, the tallest child in my form). I am really proud of myself because I am considered one…

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I Like Blogging. But why?

I've been blogging since last year until I started Super Richa. Here I'm sharing some of the many reasons I love to blog. Number 1: IT GIVES ME FREEDOM I love freedom. And I love blogging. Blogging gives me the right to write anything and express my views out to the world. 2. IT IMPROVES... Continue Reading →

Stereotypes I just can’t stand

I live in India. It's a great place with lot of culture and variety. But what I hate the most is gender stereotypes, especially those which Indians believe a lot. Saw someone hardly surviving a traffic jam on the road? 'Must be a woman' That's what people here say. Why, it could be a man... Continue Reading →

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