School is starting!

It’s been over a month since we’re at home. And now school’s going to start again, TOMORROW, April 4th.

And that means, meeting all my friends again! And some new classmates, and new teachers, and new books and notebooks and projects. Don’t you think it’s fun?

I’ve been promoted to the ninth grade this year and it’s quite cool because they’re a lot of new topics to learn about, and we’ll get to go to the science labs more frequently and even use the stuff out here which we weren’t allowed to use earlier. Also, we’ll now get a huge lot of project work, model making and all that.

What else? The School Certificate examination (we call that I.C.S.E in short) is just two years away and we’ll have to start prepping up for that.

My dad told he’ll get me a new air rifle if I score very well in the final exams. I’ll do my best and get that thing.

What’s bad is that I’m separated from my bestest friends :(. They’re in Section A of the ninth grade whereas I’m in Section B. Two of them are still with me and I’ll get to meet my friends in the recess, before the morning prayer and after school or in the evenings. It’s not that bad that way. We can even talk over WhatsApp or something like that. I guess I’ll not miss them, though I can’t meet them between classes.

I hope I’ll do good this term. I know I can’t post a lot when school’s started but I’ll be posting at least twice or thrice a week.

I’m also VERY EXCITED because I’m getting my new SKATEBOARD!!! YESSS! I already told about it in my previous post. And I’ll tell more when it arrives tomorrow.



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