First Day of School Year

It’s 4th April and it was the first day of the school year.

We’re moved to the ninth grade. The classroom is not as bright and sunny as it was in the eighth. It’s quite dark and boring in here. Still, I hope to enjoy it.

I even started a diary for the school year and wrote stuff in it. Our class teacher is Miss Debroy and she’s strict but funny at times. She made a ton of rules for us to follow and also told us that we’d have a mini ‘School Cert.’ at the end of this year. We were terrified when she told that but she assured as it would be as easy as pie, easier than last year’s paper.

I’m roll number 23 and it’s the first time I’m so ahead in the roll list. I am to sit beside a girl called Manisha. She’s a show-off. But anyway I have to bear with her.

It’s a good thing I’ve not been appointed any post (like class leader, treasurer and all that) this year. It’s a very hectic job to manage all that.


Basically this all means that now we’re back to reality and have to work hard and do something meaningful this term. Wish me luck guys!

Comment down your views and experiences on the first day of school.



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