My Home Library

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on my blog. And….I’M BACK!!!

Just so you know, I had been extremely busy with school and studies all this while, and finally I’ve settled down everything, so I can extract a bit of free time.

There was something else I had been doing these two weeks…and that is – building my own home library! Yes. I was busy doing that. Now, I have arranged all my books into my bookshelves and I have made a comfy little reading space for myself. Oh yes, and my library is called THE SWITCH READS. There’s a teeny little reason behind this nomenclature. Actually, I’d found out a Harry Potter Name Generator website and generated a name for myself. I was named “Merinda Switch” (remember that, because we’re going to need it later! >_<). And hence the name…The Switch Reads.

So, where were we? Yes, library. My library has all sorts of books – fiction, non-fiction, school books, everything! I’ve cataloged them all and now I’ll be lending books to my friends and anyone who needs them. I have even made very professional-looking cards, flyers, posters and cool stuff for my library. I’ll be even giving out free bookmarks with each registration! So, if you’re someone who lives near me, or you’re one of my best buddies, you can easily approach me and ask for a THE SWITCH READS library card straight away.

Remember, you can’t borrow books to your home without registering, that is, issuing a card for yourself.

You can also fill up your details down below for registering with THE SWITCH READS.




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