Meeting an old friend

Hey there readers! Good to see you back again.

I had a superb day yesterday. . Guess what? I just spent a whole amazing day with my friend Mohor, today. Mohor is not one of my schoolmates, we’re neighbours and childhood buddies back in Kharagpur (where my father works now). Mamma, Raya and I moved to Durgapur because Mamma works here and we tag along with her. But Mohor didn’t because both her parents work in Kharagpur. When we were very young, we all lived in Kharagpur, Mohor and I were best of friends. We studied, played and enjoyed together all the time. But, I hardly get to meet her after we moved here and today was one of those really exciting days!

Mohor had come to Durgapur with her parents because they had some conference kinda thing with Mamma at her office. I was super excited and jumping with glee when Mom informed us that they would be coming to our house for the evening. Very soon, they all arrived and Mohor had a smiling face. Initially, I was confused what to talk about with her but then we began chatting away to glory. We talked about school, our friends, teachers, studies and all that. Each of us had awesome, funny tales to share and it left us all laughing.

Okay, so I need to tell you a bit about my ancient buddy. Mohor is a tall, skinny girl (not as tall as me, but tall indeed) with very short hair like mine. She has a keen sense of humour. Like me, she loves to hear Taylor Swift A LOT!!! Also, she likes K-pop, electronic and rap. And she is a hardcore bookworm, much like me. After our fun-filled and silly chit-chat and jokes, Mamma called us for snacks. We had yummy egg rolls with ketchup and sweets. Having finished up with the food, we went on to play some Taylor Swift and Korean pop music which though, my little sister did not feel attracted to.

Anyways, after some music, we felt bored and our mothers suggested we go and enjoy ourselves in the Junction Mall, the biggest shopping plaza in our city! We were overjoyed because it was the first time we were going to do some shopping by ourselves. Raya, Mohor and I were accompanied by Mohor’s parents. We had unlimited fun in the Mall. We rode toy trains, huge Iron-Man robot vehicles, hover-boards; explored the awesome storybooks and other cool stuff at Rare Planet, a shop which sells really nice goodies like books, pencil cases, pens, bags and toys!  There, as I was looking through the beautiful silver alarm clocks, one of the other customers knocked off one clock and BANG!!! It fell to the floor with such a jingling noise. I was petrified because everybody stared at me like I was the culprit. The cover of the battery socket had come off, and I fixed it in a jiffy…and the next moment we were back at looking at the books. Then suddenly the store lady approached me and said, “Miss, I’m afraid you’ll need to pay for the broken alarm clock.”

“What? It did not break. I-I mean I didn’t break anything,” I replied.

“You didn’t?” she asked, putting on a very astonished look on her face.

Then she looked at the alarm clock and tried very hard to locate some malfunction but unfortunately, it was perfect. I heaved a sigh of relief when she didn’t tell me anything more.

Do you know what the best way of shopping is? It is: look at everything, but do not buy anything! And we did just that.

We stared and admired all the beautiful stuff, and when we were done, we left the store. I needed a glue stick, a notebook and a bunch of pens, but they were too expensive. I decided to buy them later, at the little bookshop near our house. There were hundreds and thousands of stores filled with clothes, watches, furniture, TVs, bags and shoes. We needed nothing, so there was just one thing left – food. That was the best thing ever. I suggested we should have some yummy snacks and go home. Mohor, Raya and Mohor’s parents agreed. So, we hopped in to MacDonald’s, and Mohor’s mother handed us two thousand bucks and said, “Spend it all, kiddies, and have fun!” Raya and I were amazed. We were never given such a lot of money to spend all by ourselves! Mohor laughed and said, “My Mom is like that. Whenever I go to the festival gatherings with my friends, my mother gives a lot of money and we’re free to spend it all on food, rides and drinks. Isn’t it fun?”

We were very pleased, and figured out a menu. We decided to order two MacChicken meals (each meal consists of two large chicken burgers, two glasses of Coke, one packet of french fries and two pizza puffs) and one extra chicken burger. The whole thing cost 600 bucks and when we mentioned our idea to the waiter, he dismissed it and pointed to a big signboard that said: “60% off on MacChicken Combos: three chicken burgers, three glasses of choice soft drink: Coke or Sprite, three large pizza puffs and one huge pack of French Fries, only for 500.” That was a very clever idea. Three people can fill their tummies in just five hundred! We immediately ordered that one, and in ten minutes, there were three trays filled with yummy (junk) food arrived in front of us. They smelled deliciousWe enjoyed all the junk very heartily (It was a very first burger!) and felt we were missing something. So we ordered three large chocolate swirl ice-creams for 300. Chocolate swirls are nothing but a tall swirling of vanilla ice-cream coated with chocolate, placed on top of a biscuit cone. The ice-cream, though initially very soft, gradually froze into a cave of chocolate. It tasted like heaven…!

We couldn’t eat anymore. With happy stomachs, we returned home and bid goodbye to Mohor and her parents. It was a memorable day indeed!

Did you like our amazing day? Comment down your views.

P.S.: Actually, we also planned to watch the new movie “Avengers: Infinity War” but it was a night show so Mamma didn’t allow us to stay awake because we had school the next morning.



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