My First Sleepover

What an amazing day it was!

Hey there! Did you read my last post titled Summer Hols? If you did, you should have known that we were going to have a sleepover at our favourite teacher Ananya Miss’s place.

So, we had the amazing sleepover yesterday! Did I tell you it was also the birthday of one of my best friends Anismita? It was her 14th birthday, and she had brought a big chocolate ice-cream cake (my favourite!), three huge bottles of Sprite and Coke, lots of potato chips, cheese pizza and a gigantic box of butterscotch ice cream (yum, yum and yum!) Besides that, one of our friends Sneha had also brought Sprite, chips, a big strawberry ice cake and another huge box of vanilla ice cream. Heaven!

I was the second one to reach the venue, after Apurva, who was dressed in a red frock. I had with me, a bag filled with games, my favourite pillow and blanket and my Samsung tablet. Almost at the same time, arrived Sudarshana “Sudu”, my other bestie. She was in a yellow dress. And yes, I was dressed very casually in a red polo and blue pyjamas (it was a slumber party after all! 😉 ). Soon after, all the girls arrived with Anismita arriving last of all. She had put on a yellow tank top and black trousers. Ananya Miss was very happy to see us all. We decorated a small table with cakes and candles and sang the birthday song for Anismita. Then, all of us sat in a circle on the floor, eating our cakes and chips, soon after which the Sprite and pizza were served. They were all delicious!

The party began at 9 pm. By 10, our eating session was complete and we put on some music and danced. Not all of us are talented dancers, but especially Sudu and I were just making up weird steps and dancing! We clicked several pictures and shot videos of the crazy happenings. At 2 am (yes), Miss suggested we should have our dinner. She had made fried rice and chicken which were just yummy! Even the people who hardly used to eat anything ate a huge lot of food. We could not dance anymore after having the dinner and then a round of vanilla ice-cream. We spread soft mattresses over the floor and sat or just lied down on them. The lights were put off and Ananya Miss and her family went to bed. The windows were kept open and it was dark all around. Kinda spooky! But we continued to talk. We talked about school, about what we would do when we grew up and all that. Soon, we were automatically divided into two groups. Apurva, Pritha, Swetasree, Sneha and Annesha formed a group because they all wanted to watch music videos or makeover or dance videos on YouTube while the comparatively non-girly group were us – Anismita, Sudu, Jiya, Shristi, Naaz and me. We began talking about alien invasions and what scientists believed about alien existence, we talked about spirits and the possibility of life beyond Earth, and about what resulted in the origin of humans and about death and life after that, and about the society and basically, various scientific theories. It really interests us a lot. We even shared stories where we had ourselves or somebody we know had experienced mysterious happenings around us. It was real fun discussing all that because we didn’t time to do that in school.

We chatted the whole night, without sleeping a bit. It was almost five in the morning when Naaz suggested we should take a little rest before going home. So, we lied down and soon everybody fell fast asleep.

We returned home by seven. It was a really memorable day for all of us. We would never forget it!



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