Collars-Up! Playing Basketball

Richa's Escapades

Basketball is one of my favourite games. Today is Thursday, and it is one of those really amazing days, because…WE GOT TO PLAY BASKETBALL, at school today. I really like the fact that I’m leading the school team quite often.

My team is called the COLLARS UP! team (yes). That’s a weird name I suppose, but it has got a reason. We’re symbolized, that is, distinguished from other rival teams by our upturned collars during the game, because we all wear the same uniform and it is very difficult for the players to identify their own teammates and their rivals, and for the audience to differentiate between teams.

I am usually at the center or at the point guard, because I usually start the match and I am also the tallest player (actually, the tallest child in my form). I am really proud of myself because I am considered one…

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