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I am Super Richa. Welcome to my blog-cum-diary, where I write about various stories from my life and my adventures and my SKATEBOARD. I love to read, write, draw and skateboard. Technology is my favourite thing to learn about!

 I’m a tomboy, and I love skateboarding.

I live in India with my little sister, mom and dad. I have lots of cousins and friends. My favourite subject in school is Math (I know it sounds weird!).

I love to eat ice-cream cake (the blue ones with lots of icing and chocochips. Yum!). I also love chocolate. My favourite events are April Fool’s and Halloween and Christmas! My sister is 11 years old and she loves Oreo a lot!

In this blog, I’ll be posting about fun events, stories, product/movie/book reviews, unboxing, making, getting and almost everything interesting I get to know, see, do, hear or anything else. I’ll post every day and if you want to read more from my blog, I recommend you should follow me so you’ll get notified each time I post something new.

I’d be happy to hear from you. My email is You can send me articles to post, suggestions for posts, questions, feedback or anything.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Use the contact form if you want to drop me a line right now!

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