My Home Library

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on my blog. And….I’M BACK!!!

Just so you know, I had been extremely busy with school and studies all this while, and finally I’ve settled down everything, so I can extract a bit of free time.

There was something else I had been doing these two weeks…and that is – building my own home library! Yes. I was busy doing that. Now, I have arranged all my books into my bookshelves and I have made a comfy little reading space for myself. Oh yes, and my library is called THE SWITCH READS. There’s a teeny little reason behind this nomenclature. Actually, I’d found out a Harry Potter Name Generator website and generated a name for myself. I was named “Merinda Switch” (remember that, because we’re going to need it later! >_<). And hence the name…The Switch Reads.

So, where were we? Yes, library. My library has all sorts of books – fiction, non-fiction, school books, everything! I’ve cataloged them all and now I’ll be lending books to my friends and anyone who needs them. I have even made very professional-looking cards, flyers, posters and cool stuff for my library. I’ll be even giving out free bookmarks with each registration! So, if you’re someone who lives near me, or you’re one of my best buddies, you can easily approach me and ask for a THE SWITCH READS library card straight away.

Remember, you can’t borrow books to your home without registering, that is, issuing a card for yourself.

You can also fill up your details down below for registering with THE SWITCH READS.




I Like Blogging. But why?

I’ve been blogging since last year until I started Super Richa. Here I’m sharing some of the many reasons I love to blog.


I love freedom. And I love blogging. Blogging gives me the right to write anything and express my views out to the world.


Being a teen blogger, I think blogging helps me flourish my language, writing and spelling skills. And that’s helpful in school.


A blog is kinda like your diary. It keeps secrets and memories fresh. And the advantage on blogging, is that, it’s online, and it’ll never get lost or hidden or stolen. Imagine reading your very first post years later, when you’re an established blogger!


Publishing my own creations out to the world gives me a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.


There is nobody who knows everything, but everyone knows something. That’s true. I don’t know much, but whatever I know, I can share it with everyone. In return, I learn a lot too!

Thanks for reading this post today.


Stereotypes I just can’t stand

I live in India. It’s a great place with lot of culture and variety. But what I hate the most is gender stereotypes, especially those which Indians believe a lot.

Saw someone hardly surviving a traffic jam on the road? ‘Must be a woman’

That’s what people here say. Why, it could be a man who’s barely getting it through the road.

Here’s my new blog post on some gender stereotypes I can’t stand.

I seriously don’t mean to hurt anyone any way, but I’m just telling what I feel.

I’m a girl, and I don’t like makeup and I like my hair short. A few days ago, I got it trimmed again. After that, girls in my school started saying, “Do you mean to turn this school into a co-ed one?”

And I’m like “What?”

“I mean, you’re a boy already, so basically now our school doesn’t remain all-girls anymore.”

Many of my readers know that I love skateboarding. And I really do. I also love basketball and I often lead the basketball team at school and at the colony playground.

Some of my classmates heard I liked skateboards, and came up to me saying, “Go to Xaviers’ (that’s an all-boys near our school), why don’t you? C’mon, girls don’t play basketball or ride skateboards.”

I just can’t bear these girls. Sorry, but I feel like slapping them in the face.

Another very common belief in our society is “dads can’t handle kids.”

That’s because those you think that way can’t do it themselves. I myself have an awesome dad who’s always playing with us, taking us out, and taking care of us when mom’s out. It’s happened a lot of times when mom went for a week or a fortnight’s work trip and it was dad who took care of us that time.

Really, guys, when will you get some brain?

My favourite colour is blue. YES. But the girls in my school are like, “O My God, girls don’t like blue. That’s a boy’s colour. Girls love pink. You’re weird.”

Yes, I am. Any problem?

Tell what your views are on this. Once again, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt any of your feelings. I don’t mean to.

Thanks for reading.


I’m too excited to write this thing now.

My skateboard just got delivered. It’s as cool as I thought it would be! It even has free gear with it. I can’t wait for Mom to return from office so I can start riding my skateboard.

As I said in one of my previous posts (click here to read that one), it’s blue and has street art on it. It’s very huge and heavy and hard. It’s got yellow wheels that roll quite smoothly. I guess it’s made of wood.

I’ve already seen quite a few videos on how to begin skateboarding and a few basic tricks.

I’m so excited I’ve got a writer’s block at this moment. I’ll update you guys when there’s something more to tell about me and my skateboard.



First Day of School Year

It’s 4th April and it was the first day of the school year.

We’re moved to the ninth grade. The classroom is not as bright and sunny as it was in the eighth. It’s quite dark and boring in here. Still, I hope to enjoy it.

I even started a diary for the school year and wrote stuff in it. Our class teacher is Miss Debroy and she’s strict but funny at times. She made a ton of rules for us to follow and also told us that we’d have a mini ‘School Cert.’ at the end of this year. We were terrified when she told that but she assured as it would be as easy as pie, easier than last year’s paper.

I’m roll number 23 and it’s the first time I’m so ahead in the roll list. I am to sit beside a girl called Manisha. She’s a show-off. But anyway I have to bear with her.

It’s a good thing I’ve not been appointed any post (like class leader, treasurer and all that) this year. It’s a very hectic job to manage all that.


Basically this all means that now we’re back to reality and have to work hard and do something meaningful this term. Wish me luck guys!

Comment down your views and experiences on the first day of school.


School is starting!

It’s been over a month since we’re at home. And now school’s going to start again, TOMORROW, April 4th.

And that means, meeting all my friends again! And some new classmates, and new teachers, and new books and notebooks and projects. Don’t you think it’s fun?

I’ve been promoted to the ninth grade this year and it’s quite cool because they’re a lot of new topics to learn about, and we’ll get to go to the science labs more frequently and even use the stuff out here which we weren’t allowed to use earlier. Also, we’ll now get a huge lot of project work, model making and all that.

What else? The School Certificate examination (we call that I.C.S.E in short) is just two years away and we’ll have to start prepping up for that.

My dad told he’ll get me a new air rifle if I score very well in the final exams. I’ll do my best and get that thing.

What’s bad is that I’m separated from my bestest friends :(. They’re in Section A of the ninth grade whereas I’m in Section B. Two of them are still with me and I’ll get to meet my friends in the recess, before the morning prayer and after school or in the evenings. It’s not that bad that way. We can even talk over WhatsApp or something like that. I guess I’ll not miss them, though I can’t meet them between classes.

I hope I’ll do good this term. I know I can’t post a lot when school’s started but I’ll be posting at least twice or thrice a week.

I’m also VERY EXCITED because I’m getting my new SKATEBOARD!!! YESSS! I already told about it in my previous post. And I’ll tell more when it arrives tomorrow.


I’m Getting A SKATEBOARD!!!

I’m so excited!!!

Guess what, I’m getting my first professional skateboard in my life! My parents just ordered it on Amazon and we’re getting it this Tuesday. They even got me a brand new set of skating gear which’ll reach us this Friday.

My new skateboard is a Strauss Bronx FT model, a blue one with street art on it. The gear is blue too! It’s my favourite colour! I really love skateboarding!


I already love my new skateboard though I haven’t got it yet. The gear is very cool, too. What’s more? I also got a new pair of skating shoes and a backpack.

The shoes are grey with light orange (kinda pink) straps and the backpack is bright red with some white stripes. I think I got the bag because school’s about to start. Anyway, it’s just as awesome.

I can’t wait to show all my friends my new buddy. I think they’ll all want to ride it. I’ll be telling about it more in one of my blog posts some time later when I get my skateboard.

Till then, stay tuned and comment down your views.

-Richa @SuperRicha

Getting Ready for April Fools’

Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day.

And I am so excited about it. I have already thought of a few pranks to play on my Mom, Dad and my sister. Here’s a very detailed description of my plans and you might as well try them on April Fools’ or just any day when you feel like having some fun.


The Get Wet Prank

This is a very simple thing to do. Fill two glasses with water and keep them on the table. Now challenge your sister/brother/friend/anyone to keep the glasses balanced on his or her palm. When they do it, say ‘Goodbye’ or ‘See you’ or something like that and leave the room. Your sibling/friend is now trapped! He/she has no other way to get out of this but to get him/herself wet.

The Contact Switch Prank

When your parents/friend/sibling is absent, take their phone and go to the Contacts app. Look up your name and change it to ‘Mom’ or ‘Sir’ or something like that. Later, text him/her with ridiculous messages. I’d tried this last year on one of my friends and it left her horrified!

The Water Prank

Mix a lot of salt (I SAY IT, A LOT!) in some water in a glass. Offer it to your thirsty friend/sibling and watch the fun!

Frozen Screen Prank

Take a screenshot of the home screen of your parents/friend/anyone’s phone and save it. Move all the apps of the home screen to another page and set the screenshot as the wallpaper. When your victim switches his or her phone on, he or she will not be able to open any app on the home screen however hard he or she tries!

Have a Cake Prank

This one is need a bit of effort but is worth the fun. Take a sponge, and make some fake icing or whipped cream (You might take some help from this video.) You might even want to use a lot of white toothpaste to make fake decorations. Decorate it very realistically so that it doesn’t look like a fake cake. Leave it on the table and let your friend see it. What fun it should be to watch him or her eat that!

sponge fake cake
It must look something like this. A pic I got from Google Images.

So that’s all, and if I come across more fun pranks, I’ll be sure to post them on my blog.

Thanks for reading!

Comment which prank you liked the most or disliked the most. Also tell me about what you did on April Fools’ Day!


My Adventures Inside A Locked Room

It was great fun, though!

We were having a very good time until then. Until Mom and Dad went out for some shopping. My sister and I were in our room, playing games and all that, until my sister wanted to go and get some chocolate from the fridge. She reached the door and pulled it. To her surprise, the door refused to open.

“Dude, I can’t open the door!” she said.

“Stop talking rubbish and get my chocolate.”

I got off the bed on which I was lying comfortably working on the laptop. I went to the door and tried to open it. But in vain. I kicked, pushed, knocked and pulled the door. We tried again until we were sure of the fact that the house help had locked it and disappeared. I was aggravated while my sister was just about to cry.

“Come on, now don’t start crying. It’ll not help.” I told her.

It was a good thing our house is getting renovated during this time, so we had a couple of workers polishing the wood outside in the backyard. Our room was just at the end of the house and the windows looked out upon the backyard. I opened one of the windows and my sister called out to them.

“HEELPP! We’re locked inside this room. Someone please try to open this.”

One of the workers fortunately heard us and went to the front side of our house but the front door was locked and the key was with Mom and Dad. So he couldn’t help us. By this time, we were terribly hungry and I had not yet taken my shower.

As a matter of fact, we don’t have a proper phone (only a small old model which is dead half the time). And our Samsung tablet doesn’t support phone calls. The only ways left were to call Mom on Hangouts or send a mail to Dad. I know the second one sounds weird.

Nevertheless, we typed a long email describing all of the situation and sent it to Dad. But thanks to the poor internet connection, the mail didn’t reach him.

After about twenty more minutes, there was the doorbell ringing. We shouted from our window, “We’re locked and can’t open the door. Get us out of here.”

Fortunately Dad appeared at the window. I narrated the event to him. Soon he got us out of the room.