Welcome Me Back!

Did you guys miss me?


I know I’ve been away for about a month now, and that’s all thanks to my examination and the super tough time I’ve been going through. I told you about my summer vacation at school (Read It Here) and if you have read it, you must be aware that I had a load of things to do–complete the school project on Dyeing Units, then prepare for Phase Test and school exams, and lot of work. AND IT’S ALL DONE! I finished the exams just yesterday. I was planning to sit down with the computer last night, but then my Mom decided we should celebrate, and we returned late so I could not do anything. But now I’m totally free and so let’s chat a while.

Let me tell you all about what I did this whole time – one by one.

First up, I had to complete my school project, the one on Dyeing Units. My friends and I went on two sets of excursions and conducted the survey in various factories. The first one was to Serampore (a small town  – famous for its textile). The second was to Bolpur (another small town – famous for The Shantiniketan or Visva Bharati University created by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore). It was the peak of summer and we were sweating profusely. The first trip was farther away – and the Dyeing Mills were bigger and we had walk and climb and get boiled in the sweltering heat. But it was fun, though the girls I’d gone with were not some of my ‘very good friends’ but they were friends. We had the yummy ‘dosa’ (tortillas with veggies in it) and chocolate for breakfast. Then, after the hectic day was almost done, we had a super delicious lunch at the hotel, where the people had decorated an entire hall just for the twenty of us! We were not sure whether to have dinner, too, or not – but then it was dark by the time we finished up, Mom and Dad decided we should dinner at a very cool and sparkly restaurant. The next trip was more hectic. But part of it was my fault. That morning we had to wake up super early. Mom and Dad gave me a glass of milk and bread-and-butter for breakfast, but I did not want to eat that boring stuff. And, you want to know what happened later when we reached Bolpur? I almost fainted because my tummy was devoid of anything but water, and then due to the tiring walks, I became so tired and legs felt so weak I almost fell on my friend Rishita. Then I had to tell the truth to Mom and Dad, but they didn’t mind it. I was given some water and some energy bars to eat, and in a half-hour I was back on my feet. We had lunch and some snacks later on, and we – Sudarshana, Naaz, Rishita and I were not pleased when Anismita said she would go back, not home, but to her family house where all her cousins were. Lucky guy!

And now the project is complete. Phew! But then comes the FIITJEE phase test. FIITJEE is Forum for Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination – the country-wide public exam students take if they want to study at any famous Engineering College or Univeristy – in fact, the best in the country, but only if they wish to pursue Engineering. I’m one of them who’s going to take four years later, and FIITJEE is a coaching institute where they prepare us for the exam and other related tests. They gave all students a mock exam called a Phase Test which is basically a regular test which happens every two months. So, one more week was taken.

Then comes the fun part – MY BIRTHDAY!!! It was the on the 15th of June, and I turned fourteen (woohoo!) I got seven packets of Nachos, four packets of Snickers chocolates, a super large Galaxy chocolate, and a massive box of mango ice-cream (yummy!) And the whole day I sat there with my Mom’s phone, thanking all those who were sending me Birthday Wishes on WhatsApp! But sadly, there was no party but as I told you, we had a post-birthday outing at the Citi Residenci, a popular hotel out here. And I got to eat a SIZZLER! for the first time in my life!!!! We also had kebabs, chicken sweet corn soup and sweet buttermilk for starters (first two) and dessert respectively.

Moreover, one more thing is exciting me – the guitar. One of besties (Sudu) just started taking guitar lessons and Mom says she’ll make me learn that, too! I just love guitar because it’s so cool. Presently, I’m learning the harmonium, a very boring instrument because my music teacher gives me ancient (rather, prehistoric) folk songs to play on it and you can’t even download the key notes of cooler songs because you can’t play them on it (the music is totally nasal 😦 ). But with a guitar, even if my teacher gives me old songs to play, I can easily get the chords from the web and learn to play them, eventually.

This was what happened to me the whole summer. What do you think? Tell me in the comments what you liked the most, or what is your favourite thing to do in summer! 🙂

See ya next time!

All pictures have been downloaded from Google Images



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